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Follow the Money



Another Blonde Summer
Livin' a Lie
Forty Prophets
My Trophy Ex-Wife
Everything You Never Wanted
The Girl That Every Boy Would Love
In the Rain
Sad Day After
I Wanna Know Now


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Follow the Money 
(words & music: Chris Leib 2010 Busker Tunes)

She rides on clouds with her arms bent back
She glides across the deco floor
She speaks in riddles to ward off the attack
Of wild hearts broken in twos and fours

She took center stage and she broke my heart
There are millions who’d settle for less
She left a charmed life for a two-bit part
Why, I can only second guess

You run around to find your place
But you can’t look me in the face

If you think you like it, don’t you dare fight it
Look for the common ground
If you don’t like it, there’s no way to fight it
Follow the Money down

Soon your colors will show for all to see
Where will you be then, my friend?
Another tick in a box is all you’ll be
And that is where your story ends . . .




Another Blonde Summer 
(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2008 Kalion Music)

Lucy’s stuck in summer school

Tall and tan and oh so cool

There’s a funny little man

Lives inside of my head

And in his funny little voice he said:


It’s gonna be a blonde summer

And it’s happened to you

Looks like another blonde summer

And there’s nothing to do


Lucy came to class one day

Why’d I have to look her way?

I’d said goodbye to women

Just an hour before

But what I said just flew right out the door


Lucy never fell for me

I had to face reality

But when the days are getting longer

And the atmosphere’s hot

I’d gladly give up all I got



(words & music: Tim Barrage 2010 Candy Songs)

Looking for my adventure.
I'm all packed and ready to go.
You and me on an adventure, yeah,
Come on baby get up and go.

Tell me about the sunrise,
Hold on, I am alone.
Tell me about your anything,
Come on baby pick up the phone.

You need to pack your baggage,
I know you can't leave it at home.
It really doesn't matter,
We can lose it out on the road.




Livin' a Lie 
(words & music: Chris Leib 1999 Busker Tunes)

So I, told you some stories, told you some lies
Told you some truths wrapped up in a disguise
Told you some tales meant to make you laugh
I made you smile, so cut me some slack

How could I know that you’d take them to heart?
Plots I’ve recounted were surely just art
Paint pictures with words, it’s what I do best
Because of all this, you put our love to the test?

This is my heart, no ifs, ands, or buts . . .
Guess I should have kept my big mouth shut . . .

Stuck Livin’ a Lie (livin’ a lie)
Trapped tellin’ tales (tellin’ tales)
Stuck Livin’ a Lie (livin’ a lie)
My words never fail (‘til now . . .)

Last one was a whopper, hard to believe
Where do they come from? How do I conceive?
Fables of merit, great tales of sad woe
Flights of my fancy, but how would I know?
Say things to unlock the key to your heart
Say things you don’t like, upset the apple cart
Spin yarns of great deeds, tall tales of great joy
You find so alluring when I’m being coy




Forty Prophets
(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2007 Kalion Music)

One day on a broken road

You meet a man with a heavy load

And a way of wandering

You avoid his accusing eyes

He disappears but you realize

You can hear him talking


Forty prophets in the wilderness

Twenty-nine can only take a guess

Seven prophets want to raise the roof

Leaving four of them to tell the truth

You know


Another day on a different path

You see a girl with a carefree laugh

And a way of wandering

Try to catch her elusive eye

She never speaks so you wonder why

You can hear her talking


Child wanders through the world of Man

Seeking things he doesn’t understand

Hears the wisdom of his inner voice

Telling him he’ll always have a choice




My Trophy Ex-Wife
(words & music: Chris Leib 2010 Busker Tunes)

Once upon a time I gave a girl a ring
Now all my life my heart would sing
Who knew . . . that it would fall flat?
What you gonna do, it happens I guess
Love will move, leave no address
Who knew . . . it would turn out like that?
Now I’m pushing 30 and I’m on my own
Starting all over, all alone (but for my)
(Trophy Ex-Wife) Without her
I’d have a very happy life
(My Trophy Ex-Wife) Had to try it once
So I could get it right

Twice upon a time I found I said “I do”
Cupid struck again, said, “Here’s a fool,
Let’s go . . .  let’s do it again”
Time did pass with another surprise
Gave no warning, right between the eyes
Goodbye . . . “but we can still be friends”
Pushing 45, I’m alone again
Close to the middle,
Nearing the end, another

(Trophy Ex-Wife) Without her
I’d have a very happy life
(My Trophy Ex-Wife) Had to try it twice
So I could get it right

Take a vow to leave it all behind,
So I can find my piece of mind for me
Peace of mind for me
But I walk through the door
And I suddenly see another blushing bride
at‘s destined to be my

(Trophy Ex-Wife)I know with her
I should give it a try
(My Trophy Ex-Wife) Had to get it wrong,
So I could get it right




Everything You Never Wanted 
(words & music: Tim Barrage 2010 Candy Songs)

I’m gonna stop,
writing these songs about you now
‘Cause you don’t care,
‘bout what I say, anyhow

You know deep inside, all that I’ve said
Is totally true
You know deep inside, you need to face
Face the proof
But you’ve got everything
You never wanted
You’ve got everything
You never wanted
As you and I stand, I can’t comprehend
What I’m to do
I want you to know, your choices show
That this can’t be you
You take a stand, then fall back again
Avoiding the view
Hide in your lies, It’s easy to do
Great new for fools




The Girl That Every Boy Would Love
(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2008 Kalion Music)

It was an innocent time
Our memories so sublime
Of the girl that every boy would love
(Looking like an angel above)
Occupying our minds 

We were contented as fools

Unsympathetically schooled

By the girl that every boy would love

Reinventing the rules


Oh we never heard the starting gun

Or learned the way to keep score

Suddenly left in the dust

Suspiciously hungry for more


One fine morning we lay eyes on her

The girl that every boy would love

No stern warning could from us deter

The girl that every boy would love


Sing for our supper, cry for our crimes

Pay for our penance with dollars and dimes

Once in a while she’d tell us the time

The girl that every boy would love




In the Rain 
(words & music: Chris Leib 2010 Busker Tunes)

She laughs, in your universe
She smokes, through the pain
She works too long to speak her mind
She cries In the Rain
Soon enough the window cracks
But it’s too late to take it back
She cries In the Rain
She waits for the tide to rise
She walks in a circular stream
She speaks, of times gone yesterday
She sighs whisper to a scream
Remember once when you were young
Platitudes weren’t a slip of the tongue
She sighs In the Rain
How did such a thing happen here?
Who can say if it’s wrong or right?
Questions rise up through atmosphere
When all you want is a warm night
She drinks, in the paradise
She sees  a promised world
She thinks, that it’s not too late
She smiles, for a dream come true
Imagine a life where all can be
Happiness for eternity
She smiles, In the Rain




Sad Day After
(words & music: Tim Barrage 2010 Candy Songs)

So many years, since I first gazed
Upon your smile, sayin’ maybe some day
Time has taken, many different paths
Hoping for the day, you could come out at last
A Brief look, Is not enough for me
Too soon too fast, Oh yes, I see
You can’t deny, that this will be
It’s out of our control
Just you wait and see
The morning after, the saddest day
I’m not in favor, of goin’ my own way




I Wanna Know Now
(words & music: Chris Leib 1999 Busker Tunes)

You whisper little thoughts into her ear
You tell her all the things that she wants to hear
Reveal all the thoughts close to your heart
Least that’s what she thinks and that’s good for a start
You take her by the heart and by the hand
She quickly falls into your selfish plan
Never care or wonder how she feels
A thief’s no good if he just can’t steal
Next thing she knows, she’s on her own
Vows not to sit and pout
But in the middle of the deep, dark night
Her lonely voice cries out
(I Wanna Know Now) Do you really love me?
(I Wanna Know Now) Do you really care?
(I Wanna Know Now) Are you thinking of me?
(I Wanna Know Now) How do I fare?
You slip into another town, unknown
Scope ‘em out to see who’s heart you can own
One after another, trusting girls
Ready for you to show ‘em your world
Take one out, show her the time of her life
She’s entertaining thoughts about being your wife
Love her, leave her, her blue eyes turn red
The thought of one girl makes you wish you were dead
She whispers little thoughts into your ear
Tells you all the things that you want to hear
She takes you by the heart and by the hand
You quickly fall into her selfish plan
‘Cos lonely is as lonely does and that’s what they say
And if you get to heaven you’ll have hell to pay
For breaking all those hearts given to you
The tables have turned and this much is true
Next thing you know, you’re on your own
And you just sit and pout
In the middle of the deep dark night

Your lonely voice cries out . . .




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