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Collideascope was formed in Late 2005 with the focus on creating original music and making an impact on the Akron original music scene. Collideascope breaks new ground with their melodic harmonies and poignant lyrics. With influences from The Beatles, The Who, XTC, The Ramones and Sloan - just to name a few - the band sets out to promote their original and unique sound.

Their first self-produced CD was received with rave reviews - since that time, Collideascope has produced three additional full-length CD's that rock. Check them out in our LYRICS section.

The bands CD's are available on Mind The Gap Records and through many online outlets. Collideacope's sound has been described as high energy pop-rock with a nod to the greats. Don't plan on sitting still during their performances - because this band rocks!

Since 2011, Collideascope has written performed, recorded and produced all of their works independently.

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