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Tim and his cowbell

  • The story begins many months ago when a discussion arose between friends about one of the funniest skits on Saturday Night Live. The skit portrayed a recording session with The Blue Oyster Cult. Will Ferrell played cowbell and Bruce Dickenson (Christopher Walken) had a "fever.". This clip led to many jokes about how great it would be to have a cowbell in many songs. Dan, however, has a great disdain for cowbells and would become very angry when Tim would start jamming on the cowbell during practice. He even went so far as stating that he would quit the band, if the cowbell was played further. But of course, Tim had a fever.

    Tim decided to produce (with the help of his lovely daughter) an "adjusted" version of one of our favorite songs (and Dan's creation) Reckless Radio.

    The clips below: The original Saturday Night Live skit video The "adjusted" version of Reckless Radio

    The video of Dan hearing the "adjusted" version for the first time.


    This video gives you the top 10 Will Ferrell moments - More Cowbell is #1

  • Reckless Cowbell

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  • Dan's Reaction

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