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Special Behind-The-Scenes Content

RRiiight! LLeeffft!

  • Do you know the song Catch 22? Well there is a part nearing the end that was added shortly after Collidescope was organized. Jen was still part of the band due to her singing several covers and back-up vocals and needed something to do. Rob and Jen added the "RUN RUN" after "Ran Maryann" nearing the end of the tune - and it stuck. Due to this shout, Dan thought it might follow to have earlier shouts within the song. Specifically when Lenny was looking left but his feet went right - or something like that. We recorded Dan's idea and quickly vetoed it from the CD. You, however, as fans of Collideascope and supporters of our music now have the opportunity to hear how it sounded and make your own decision about the ideas worth. If you like what you hear - you should show up at future gigs and SHOUT THE WORDS. If you don't - well, then shut up. We don't want him hearing any negatives right now - he is a little fragile.

  • Catch 22 right and left

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