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The Early Years

The band called The ADM Smashers was playing cover tunes at company events and programs for several years now. They were formed at Community Support Services to act as a sort of "house band" for the agency at parties and client centered events. All of the members were employees at Community Support Services.

The ADM smashers consisted of Rob Hermanowski, Chris Leib, Alicia Snyder, Chris Waite and Bruce Winer. At the time, Bruce was involved in serveral bands: The ADM Smashers; Full Wave Rectifier; and The House Popes. He was wanting to pull back from the company band and focus his energies on the bands that seemed to be going places.

Bruce had previously struck up a conversation with Tim Barrage at one of the shows for the agency, and remembered that Tim had played drums in the past.

The year was 2005, and Tim Barrage had recently purchased a house. With a new house far enough away from neighbors, and a hefty tax refund check, Tim ventured into the prospect of purchasing a new drum kit. The timing was impeccable, Tim had justed placed an order for his "dream kit," and Bruce asked if he would like to take over the role of drummer for the band. Tim was hesitant as he hadn't played in many years. Tim wanted to set up a "try-out" for the band.

Bruce went ahead and told the band that Tim would be taking over as their drummer. A surprise for everyone involved.

Months passed by, and the "try-out" happened. The band left their gear at Tim's house and it appeared that Tim had won the position. Or at least, he had taken the spot until somebody better would come along.

Almost immediately, the band began discussing the idea of focusing on original music. Chris Leib had several songs that he was working on; Rob had one or two as well. Tim had dabbled in writing and putting tunes together, but never really wrote a song before.

A band meeting was held - and the decision to move toward playing more original music was made. Alicia Snyder and Chris Waite were not as excited about the "original music" aspect of the band. Chris wanted to stick with covers only, and Alicia decided that she was done with the band thing altogether. Alicia decided to give the band notice that she would be stepping aside after their performance at Docs Who Rock later that year (Docs Who Rock 2005 - North High School).

In the interim, the band thought that since Alicia had decided to leave the band, it needed a female vocal to fill the void. Having a female vocalist could help retain the covers that the band currently played, as well as potentially adding her own original songs to the mix. Jen Henderhan was appoached to take Alicia's place. Jen had talked about performing in high school and liking the music of Heart, a band that Rob and Chris loved, so she was given the chance to join the band.

With Alicia leaving, and the band making the move toward original music, it was time for a new name. The band now consisted of Tim Barrage, Jen Henderhan, Rob Hermanowski, Chris Leib, and Chris Waite.

What's In A Name?

The story of selecting the name "Collideascope."

Pete Best?

The members who left before we made it big. poor schmucks.

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