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Welcome to CollideaHISTORY!


The Early Years.

The story of the foundation of "Collideascope."

What's In A Name?

The story of selecting the name "Collideascope."

Pete Best?

It's possible that someone might be reading this section and be asking "Who is Pete Best?"

If you are that person, it's OK, we can help you. The use of the reference of Pete Best is from the annals of Beatle lore. The story goes that Pete Best was The Beatle's first drummer. Pete Best allegedly quit the band at the most inopportune time. Right before they hit it big. This break with the band left an opening for the now world famous drummer Ringo Star to take the position straight into the history books.

We have several members that fit into this category, so we felt we wanted to pay some attention to them.

There you go again. Stating the obvious. "We have not hit it big." True, true. So get off our back. This section of our story is not only part of our history, it's part of our future. We don't want any of our previous members to think we didn't appreciate their contribution to the band. Because truthfully, we would not be who we are today without our list of past members. So before we get started, Collideascope wishes to thank them for the time they spent with us.


The first "Pete" to leave our band was Bruce Winer. In all actuality - he didn't leave Collideascope. He left The ADM Smashers, which in turn, led to the creation of Collideascope. Bruce gracefully handed the drum sticks to Tim Barrage and ventured off to focus on Full Wave Rectifier and The House Popes.

The second "Pete" to leave us, well was not a Pete, and she too really didnt leave us as a member of Collideascope either. Alicia Snyder left before we became Collideascope. She brought beauty and talent to the stage wherever we performed. Normally, stealing the show. Her break with us left us with a hole for which we had no idea as to how to fill. Especially since we couldn't start right off playing only our original music - it hadn't been written yet. Her leaving left us with a much smaller catalog of songs that we could perform. Her last performance was also The ADM Smashers last performance (Docs Who Rock 2005). It only seemed right to end that band with her exit.

The third "Pete" was Chris Waite. He was the first member of Collideascope to actually quit us in early 2006. It hurt. Chris played lead guitar and was a virtual juke box of songs. Name a song, he could play it, or he would learn it before the next practice. Chris left Collideascope due to him making personal plans(wife, kids, college - whatever), and wanting to avoid the creative process. Chris was not into the idea of writing songs or singing. He instead wanted to focus his efforts on his new wife, college education and the children he had plans of creating. We totally understood that he wanted to focus on a different type of creative process. His departure was not permanent however, because today - he is once again a member of the band. He came back! What?!?

Our next "Pete" was again - not a Pete at all. Jen Henderhan became a member in late 2005 following Alicia's departure. Jen came from a long history of musical performance. But her stay with Collideascope was short lived. She performed with us at The ALIVE - Strings of White Light benefit concert and left shortly thereafter (early 2006). One show, and gone. It was the beginning of Collideascope playing as a quartet, and we never looked back.

Our last "Pete" was Dan Noall. Dan served as our lead guitarist beginning in early 2006. He was pivotal in creating some amazing music on our first two CD's (the colors inside, and You May Not Be Right For This). He called himself a hack, but he was anything but. He oozed of talent and guitar skills which translated into beautiful riffs and amazing solos. He also provided vocals that shined. He didn't write songs very often, but when he did, they were truly special. Reckless Radio and She's truly beautiful song writing maturity. Dan Left us in mid 2009 to focus on his health. We are happy to say that today, he is doing better than ever. Although Dan is no longer a Collideascope member, we consider him one of our favorite and most valued fans. We consider him our closest friend.

One bit of trivia for the folks that stuck with this tale to the very end. Collideascope has been a quartet since February 2006, and at one time performed with only three of our members. It was at the Rockin' Resort Music Festival - at Clay's Park when Chris Waite remained at his wife's side after the birth of their second child. We actually prepared for the possibility of Chris Waite not being with us, so it was not as bad as it could have been.

HECK - one more piece of trivia: Collideascope has played at four venues that are no longer operational.

  1. Lime Spider
  2. Club Khameleon
  3. Frankie & Georgies 4 wood Grille
  4. E.J. Thomas Hall

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