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The Early Years.

The story of the foundation of "Collideascope."

What's In A Name?

The process for naming the band was discussed at length. Everyone had an idea, actually, multiple ideas. A band meeting was called to discuss the method for which our name would be decided.

It would start with every current member, bringing ten of their most liked names to the next practice. A list would be compiled of all of the names presented, and a vote cast.

The First vote would be to narrow the list to the top 5. Everyone was to select the top 5 names from the ones listed.

The next round of votes would be from the list of the names that tallied the top five, but with ties, it was more like ten.

The next round narrowed the list to the top five. Then down to the top three. Each time, taking a week to think about it.

The next vote was the final vote: The name selected? "Mind The Gap."

"Huh? Wait!" You might be saying..."That isn't the name of the band!?!"

And of course, you are correct. None of us ended up liking the name that we ultimately selected.

Chris Leib was the one who brought "Mind The Gap" to the party, and he was the first to say he hated it. Well, after we berated him about the fact that the name he came up with won the contest - and yet, still was not our name, we went home to think about it again. As fate would have it, another name surfaced shortly afterword - brought to the attention of the group by Chris Leib. "Collideascope."

Tim said, "Wow, I like it! It could stand for a collision of ideas, that help us cope."

"Uh huh," Chris said, "that's not what it means. It comes from a song written and performed by XTC of the same spelling, and you are weird man." It came to pass that everyone else loved the new name.

Anyway, the rest of the band agreed that "Mind The Gap" was a great name - just not for our band. So, in essence, Collideascope was named without a formal vote. So if anyone asks...Chris named the band and the rest of the band had nothing to do with it.

Pete Best?

The members who left before we made it big. poor schmucks.

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